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Global Positioning System

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GPS - Global Positioning System

A Software Solution

Global Positioning System comprises a network of satelites which allow users anywhere on the earth to be able to find out their exact location to single meter accuracy.

Previously this was only possible with expensive hardware, but now a software version exists (albeit in beta form) utilising a phenomina existant only in ARM processors and much too complicated to explain here.

The GPS application provides a simple user interface to allow the user to use their Acorn machine to read GPS location signals.

Features include :-


* Territory number setting based on GPS location.

* Automatic clock adjustment when moving to new timezones.


* Sound alarm if machine is moved beyond a preset distance.

* Password required after moving.

The full version of the application will include utilities aimed at making the measuring of distances easy, simply run the program at each location and it performs the calculations automatically.

Important Note

GPS signals are not very strong in the UK, if you suffer from the 'no signal' error you may need to move you machine closer to the window, or even outside.

Legal Bit

No responsibility can be taken for damage resultant from the use or misuse of the GPS application.

Any correspondance about the application should be sent to :-

Download GPS

File type the archive to 3fb and open it using ArcFS, available on the cover disc of most Acorn magazines.