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Inductive Networking


Inductive Networking is a new technology set to revolutionise the networking world. If offers the speed of conventional cable based networks with the convenience, but not the poor data rates, of wireless radio networks.


Computers fitted with an Inductive network card need only be placed need a network cable to become part of the network.


Inductive Networking uses Autonomously Propelled Resonating Induction Lan Forwarded On Obvious Logic abbreviated to AF. When the inductive component on a suitable network card comes within the influence of a network cable it is able to sense and induce network traffic. The proximity of the computer to the network cable effects the signal quality and hence the attainable data rates. These have been divided into three bands :-

1BaseAF - 1Mbit/sec - suitable for internet browsing - cable within 10m
10BaseAF - 10Mbit/sec - for general use - cable within 1m
100BaseAF - 100Mbit/sec - power users and servers - cable wrapped twice around the system box and once around the monitor


A single cable is all that needs to be run through a room to feed as many computers as required, Cat 5 requires expensive hubs and coax needs breaks and T-pieces.

Developed on RISC OS

The Inductive Networking system was designed on the excellent RISC OS operating system due to its suitability for developing systems under tight time scales. The software interface is pictured below.

Expansion card 0: deskTV
Expansion card 1: No installed expansion card
Expansion card 2: i-cubed ltd, EtherLan 500 interface (00:c0:32:00:24:bf)
Expansion card 3: RapIDE32 Enhanced IDE Interface
Expansion card 4: No installed expansion card
Expansion card 5: No installed expansion card
Expansion card 6: SOX ROM SCSI Interface upgrade
Expansion card 7: N.U.T Inductive Networking (10BaseAF)
Network expansion: Acorn Econet

*help Inductiv.
Module is: Inductive Manager 1.15 (1 April 2000)

Configuration keywords:
Inductive_Speed Inductive_Polarity

==> Help on keyword Inductive_Speed
Syntax: *Configure Inductive_Speed 1|10|100

==> Help on keyword Inductive_Polarity
Syntax: *Configure Inductive_Polarity Horizontal|Vertical


It is hopped to have 10BaseAF cards in A5000 and RPC NIC slot format available soon.

Roger Wylde (Chief Technician - Nifty Universal Technologies)