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Wet String Networking (R)(TM)(C)

You may have heard some ethernet networks being described as like wet string, well Nifty Universal Technologies is proud to present the first working implementation of Wet String Networking.

WSN have many benefits over traditional copper ethernets :-

* string is cheaper
* available in longer lengths
* can be cut to length using scissors
* can be spliced back together via a simple knot
* only running cost is the occasional top up of water

Hardware componets needed :-

* each client station needs an MAU - Modular Aquafication Unit
* length of string (how long depends on requirements)
* connects to a DPP - Damp Patch Panel
* long distances between DPPs can be achieved via an EAU - Extendable Aquafication Unit

String Types :-

* single threaded - for small networks typically 10Mbit
* twisted pair - useful for 100Mbit backbones
* rope - 1Gbit, high bandwidth eg. video conferencing

Software and Diagnostic Tools :-

* On screen desktop tool shows how wet network is, either as a percentage or more usefully - dry, damp, soggy, soaking or dripping

Development and Availability

This radical new technoloy has been developed on RISC OS which permits rapid development, mainly due the speed that RISC OS clients can be rebooted in the event of a crash (or data spill).

It is hopped to have WSN available from all main RISC OS dealers in the comming weeks, with the system on demonstration at the Wakefield show.

If you are interested in marketting the system or have any questions then feel free to follow up this posting or email privately.


Roger Wylde,
Chief Officer of Developments.