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Year 2000 Compatible Discs

The Millenium Bug, you've probably heard about it on TV or in the media. Much has been concentrated on ensuring that your computer systems, be they in the work place or at home, are 'Y2K' complient.

But have you even stopped to think how this pivotel date will effect simple magnetic media such as the humble floppy disc.

Nifty Software has obtained exlusive distribution rights for the world's first Y2K Complient discs.

Interested? Then read on ....

As you probably already know, most Y2K issues arise from computer systems storing the date in a dual numeral format rather than the preferable quad format. This applies equally to floppy discs, the roots of the problem can be found in distant history. It all dates back to the early 8inch discs, capacity was a valuable comodity so sectors were designed with only enough space for the two digit format date. As newer disc standards evolved, 5.25, 3 and finally 3.5inch the same restrictive sector format was kept to allow backwards compatibility. Only now has it become apparent of this until now unapparent hidden flaw.

To remove this flaw Nifty Y2K discs (numerous patents pending) use a propriatry format constructed from elongated sectors which contain sufficient space to hold all dates in the prefered 4 digit format. To avoid the resulant loss in capacity the normal 360 degree sweep of the tracks have been extended to 450 degrees. Initial experiments produced warped discs. The final strategy proved to be quite simply to squeeze the ends of each track slightly to one side of the start of the same track, this was achieved by allowing the drive head to very slightly move outwards (under centrifugal force), most drives seem able to do this by switching off their normal auto tracking which would otherwise re-track at the start of each track.

The first batch of discs will be Acorn format only, but PC and Mac versions will follow soon, culminating in a tripple format version.

Advanced booking for the first consignment of Nifty Y2K discs can be made by clicking on the link below.


And remember, Send no money now.

Roger Wylde, Sales and Promotions Manager, Nifty Software.