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Nintendo's VirtualBoy

The successor to the GameBoy, which you've probably never heard of

Technical Info
Processor: 32-bit RISC CPU
Speed: 20MHz
Display: RTI Dual mirror-scan, high resolution LED displays
Resolution: 384 x 224 pixels for each eye piece

This lovely little machine was never released in the U.K., so how did I get one you ask? Well I bought it (along with every game I could find) whilst on holiday in Florida.

Here come the piccys

The complete system :-
headset, stand and handset controller
The headset, you place your head against the foam (which looks a bit like a snorkel mask)
The knob at the back adjusts the focus (and level of eye strain)
And the slider just in front adjusts the eye spacing
The handset controller (doesn't it look suspiciously like the Nintendo 64 one) which also holds the batteries (6xAA)
From left to right :-
Direction pad - move
Select - select options
Start - guess what!
On/Off switch - see above
A and B - actions/jump/fire
Direction pad - for arkward bods


Wario Land
Mario's arch ememy flies in by plane
Wario beats up a shark
Wario - about to squash a baddie
Strange rock monster spits 3D stuff at you (they don't miss an opportunity to show off the 3D effects)