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Nifty Software's NetGuard

Does your Acorn / RISC OS network look like this?

When it could look like this!



Do you have an Access only network and thought you couldn't have personal user areas without buying expensive fileserver software?

NetGuard implements a virtual user system which offers most of the facilities of a full fileserver.

Do you have a Level 4 (or Advanced Level 4) fileserver but don't want to spend time creating hundreds of individual users?

NetGuard's Class User system allows many virtual users to share a single real user, leaving Level 4 to just deal with a few dozern users rather than hundreds.

Dispite having a tidy network drive, you still find it takes time to find and run applications.

NetGuard's integrated application launcher allows access to applications in no mote than 4 mouse clicks.

Do you prefer not to fiddle with your network !Boot to add applications to your startup?

NetGuard can boot or run selected applications, all set up via a simple drag and drop interface.

NetGuard supports these RISC OS networking systems

Acorn Access

Acorn Level 4

Network Solutions Advanced Level 4

Network Solutions ClassShare

SJ Research Nexus

Microsoft NT Server / Unix / Linux

via Acorn Ominiclient

or Warm Silence Software LanMan98

Click here for specifications and more information