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NetGuard Suite


NetGuard is a complete replacement front for the network filer found on Acorn / RISC OS networks as well as offering numerous protection, cosmetic enhancements and now an application launcher.

PLUS NetGuard Spooler is a printer spooler which can interact with NetGuard.


  • A network e.g. Econet / Ethernet / Nexus and now NT/Win95/LanMan
  • Acorn Level 4 Fileserver or equivalent, NT Server, NEW Virtual Users can now be simulated on Access systems
  • An application server e.g. Access / ClassShare / Nexus or a local hard disc / ClassROM unit on client machines
  • 160K of spare RAM on client machines
  • Any resolution display from TV (mode 12) upwards on client machines
  • RISC OS 3.10 or later (including RISC OS 4) on client machines
  • A printer (for NetGuard Spooler)

The NetGuard Suite consists of three main parts, click on their iconsfor more information

NetGuard Client - runs on your network client stations

NetGuard Configure - sets up and configures NetGuard

NetGuard Spooler - AUN printer spooler which integrates with NetGuard

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